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Featured Essays and Literary Reviews

The Light of the World

A semi-historical account of a discussion which the philosopher St. Augustine had with his son, Adeodatus, concerning the necessity of the use of ‘signs’ (language) to achieve understanding of the world.

On Rachel Cusk's 'Outline Trilogy'

What she has done in this trilogy is subtle, so the challenge for me, when writing about it, was to try not to say outright what the technique is which she employed, thereby ruining the effect. It might indeed be an invention of the author's own, as other readers and critics are saying, but I would also describe it simply as an 'inspired transparency', or revealing, of what fiction writers have always been doing.

The Interpretation of a Dream

This essay reads more like an overview of a subject I plan to explore in more detail in a narrative: that, in our relationship to our dreams, we exhibit many similarities to our primitive ancestors, when they tried to understand the visions which appeared to them by consulting witch doctors, etc.

Featured Narratives and Poems

A Song for the Haunted

Ghosts may just be the memories of individuals and visions we’ve had which have long since passed away, but which we never properly laid to rest, in our mind and heart. Here is a tale of a man haunted by the memory of what never was, and what he’s never been.

Cars, Highways, Scooters

A story I wrote specifically to post on Twitter (each paragraph is less than 280 characters). It’s about alienation from one’s work, more or less.

While the World Is Asleep

About a passenger on a train who, in the night, while everyone else is asleep, sneaks onto the roof of the train.

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