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'Writers have always been the most disruptive of all in the class of underground artists—for the pen is even mightier than the sword, they say—and E. S. Dallaire is writing to keep that tradition of subversion alive.'

The above line is what used to begin this 'About Author' description, but the honest truth is not what its brash tone implied, for it was not always E. S. Dallaire's intention to avoid the mainstream. He has always dreamed that his notoriety spread only by furtive word-of-mouth—and good thing, too, because these days that seems to be his only way forward—however, apart from that, it has somehow come about naturally, independent of any conscious intention of his own, that the traditional avenues opened to aspiring writers such as he, have all shifted in their appeal, and now appear to lead wide of the mark, by his reckoning. It's not because he knows exactly what it is he's aiming at, that these avenues now appear this way; rather, it is one result of many years of trial and error, of serious study and reflection, and of much learning, that it is now evident, at the very least, what targets—what esteemed fellowships, and laureled company; what tour de forces, masterly achievements, and virtuoso performances—are definitely not in his sights.

As an unabashed independent writer, quite happily engaged in projects of his own design, E. S. Dallaire strives to keep his readers up-to-date on his work and progress on a daily basis. He has experimented with many internet-based media which might help him do this, but has since chosen Twitter and his own website as the two best platforms to share the work which goes on in-between the books he has started publishing through Amazon and Smashwords (Smashwords distributes e-books to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo). He also hosts a regular podcast series called 'Metaphor & Reality', which is almost certainly available for download at your preferred podcast destination. Wherever his content appears online, one can find a link back to this website, and he encourages his readers to make regular stops here if they want to keep up with the major themes and ideas which he is developing.

His subject, in a word, is the cosmopolitan, or: the emergent phenomenon of a sudden reinvention of the individual as a citizen of a globalized world. His subject might even be the impossibility of such an individual existing who is still recognizably human, for his writing up to the present—which must be understood as succeeding when it discovers a language which can capture its subject fully—has suggested that this latter case is a distinct possibility. Either way, he considers this to be the unexplored frontier of the modern era, and as the expansion of our lives continues with rapid speed in all directions—including inward—his concern is for the psychic and cultural welfare of what at most, up to this point in our history and evolution, has only ever been hypothetical: a global citizenry. Literary art, with its history and tradition of articulating the unintelligible, of parsing the complex, and of providing perspective in dire circumstances, has always been his chosen means of perhaps finding a way forward in this pursuit, and with this choice he has never wavered. The result of his investigations, expressed in philosophical texts published independently every four to six months, is what readers of his work can look forward to.

This is the work, and the goal of it all, you must believe, isn't to have his books positioned front and center on the shelves of your local bookstore, nor is it to have the accolades of the traditional literary press printed prominently upon the glossy cover of his newest release. Rather, the goal is to continue the work itself, expanding upon it and bringing more people into it. Claiming any intention beyond this would be speculative at best, and this because what E. S. Dallaire has discovered, over years of applying himself to ideas which captivated and challenged him and to projects which excited his passion, is that this effort has determined the path for him, without him being aware that he was in fact moving in a very particular and idiosyncratic direction. He can now perceive that the challenges he has set himself, and the lessons and insights which have encouraged him to keep going, have taken him down a path far removed from mainstream destinations; he has learned too that he should not try to anticipate where exactly this work will eventually lead him. He only hopes to find himself in places where there have been others who have understood not just what is, but what is possible.



This is a long-term project. Its scope increases with increased support, and its progress can be measured by each new finished piece of writing (and, hopefully, soon enough, through online collaboration between other artists and thinkers). If, in browsing the stories and essays on this site, and in observing the connections he's forming through social media, you like the direction E. S. Dallaire's work is taking, then please show your support for his efforts by sharing his work on social media, and consider subscribing to his podcast and following him on Twitter (relevant links below). These simple actions go a long way toward supporting not just his own writing, but to acknowledging his effort to make all things literary and pertinent to our times visible and accessible to online readers, as he uses a variety of digital media platforms and involves many like-minded people to create, promote, and build off of his work and the work of other writers and thinkers.

Hope you enjoy browsing the site.


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