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Writers have always been the most disruptive of all in the class of underground artists—for the pen is even mightier than the sword, they say—and E. S. Dallaire is writing to keep that tradition of subversion alive. He eschews the mainstream, and dreams that his notoriety spreads only by furtive word-of-mouth. To do his part he's striving to publish and send words to his readers on the daily, and to do this he utilizes many internet-based media, from Twitter to Tumblr, podcast forums and even Youtube, where he has a regular podcast series up and running called 'Metaphor & Reality'. All of these platforms link back to his own website, which he encourages his readers to make regular stops at if they want to keep up with all that he's doing. The goal isn't to have his books at home on the shelves of your local bookstore, but rather to have his words roomed quite hospitably in the minds of anyone who has an eye out not just for what is, but for what is possible.

If I were to go any further in this description of an author, I would have to start talking about the reader, for you cannot have one without the other. Suffice it to say that E. S. Dallaire wants to become a writer of great literature, because otherwise he would not want to write at all, and that he only has the confidence to aspire to such heights because he feels that the readers of his day have the stomach to accept as much high-flying risk as he is willing to take on. His subject, in a word, is the cosmopolitan, or the emergent phenomenon of a sudden reinvention of the individual as a citizen of a globalized world. He considers this to be the unexplored frontier of the modern era, and as the expansion of our lives continues with rapid speed in all directions—including inward—his concern is for the psychic and cultural welfare of an emerging global citizenry. Literary art, with its history and tradition of articulating the unintelligible, of parsing the complex, and of providing perspective in dire circumstances, is his chosen means of perhaps finding a way forward. This is what readers of his work can look forward to.



This is a long-term project. Its scope increases with increased support, and its progress can be measured by each new finished piece of writing (and, hopefully, soon enough, through online collaboration between other artists and thinkers). If, in browsing the stories and essays on his site, and in observing the connections he's forming through social media, you like the direction E. S. Dallaire's work is taking, then please show your support for his efforts by sharing his work on social media, and consider subscribing to his podcast and following him on Twitter (relevant links below). These simple actions go a long way toward supporting not just his own writing, but to supporting his effort to make all things literary and pertinent to our times visible and accessible to online readers, as he uses a variety of digital media platforms and involves many like-minded people to create, promote, and build off of his work and the work of other writers and thinkers.

Hope you enjoy browsing the site.


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