Questions, Questions, Questions About the ‘One’

Reality is fluid…

… Reality is dialectical?

Why the impulse to establish the existence of the ‘All’; the ‘Absolute’; the ‘One’? Is it because the individual, the ‘I’, is a totality unto itself, the unchanging centre of (productive, healthful) experience?

“The world needs to be ordered, and that is only possible with unity.”

What is it that unites? Something must possess the blueprint for unity, and this something must be the ‘One’.

But where shall we seek the ‘One’, if around us all appears as multiplicity? If a thing participates in the ‘One’ then it does so only ever by accident, and never persists as a singular element beyond the moment of a perspective shift, which immediately identifies another thing—even sometimes the precise opposite of that first element; even if that other thing is simply the observer, of the element.

“The ‘One’ about which you seek to communicate flits away the moment you try to do so, for involved in communication is another, a second, which corrupts the—idea, notion—with its very presence. The ‘One’ does not participate: not in the act of communicating; not in the world; not in your idealism.”

“But—even together—we can still act as if it exists.”

“Yes. We can.”

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